The proven performer in the most challenging weather conditions.

FreezGard Liquid Magnesium Chloride

Providing safe roads during the toughest winter storms requires more than an ordinary de-icer. That's why we've created FreezGard, the leading high-performance anti-icing liquid on the market.

Transportation departments across the country trust FreezGard to create the safest roads with its unsurpassed low-temperature performance and superior melting capacity.

FreezGard offers:

  • De-icing performance down to 0o F (-18o C).
  • Prevents snow and ice from bonding to the pavement.
  • A safe solution for concrete and equipment, minimizes spalling and scaling.
  • Reduces the need for sand and gravel and their associated spring cleanup.
  • Flexibility with uses in anti-icing, pre-wetting and salt/sand pile treatment.
  • An environmentally friendly solution made from 100% natural minerals from the Great Salt Lake.

FreezGard is the powerful winter tool to battle snow and ice when and where you need it most.

FreezGard application for a deiced road


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Freeze / Thaw Exposure - Type 1 Concrete

166 F/T cycles in 15% MgCI2 solution

166 F/T cycles in 17% CaCI2 solution

FreezGard has the lowest corrosion rate